Paycheck Concerns? – Trust, But Verify!

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It is difficult to ask your employer questions about your paycheck, after all employees rarely understand how their wages are calculated (i.e. tax, Medicare, and other governmental deductions) and don’t want to appear to distrust their employer.

Employees have become accustomed to just accepting their paycheck without asking questions. After all, it’s your employers job to figure out all that tax and bookkeeping stuff. Too, why wouldn’t you trust your employer; you work hard to put in an honest day’s work for your employer’s benefit and it seems reasonable to expect that the employer would hold up their end of the bargain and pay you an honest day’s pay.

However, as the sang goes, “trust, but verify.” This holds very true when it comes to your paycheck. You work all week at your job so that you can receive the fruits of your labor – on payday. I’m not suggesting that employee’s go and research the tax laws, state laws, federal wage laws, and double checking every detail of their paycheck. What I am suggesting is that employees with questions about their paycheck should ask – trust, but verify. Those questions can be directed to the employer, an attorney, or the department of labor. Don’t be afraid to ask about your paycheck – federal laws strictly require that employer pay employee’s in accordance with the law.

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