Protecting Employees’ Rights in the Workplace.

The Employment Lawyers at Herrmann Law are dedicated to vigorously fighting for employees’ rights in the workplace. We have achieved significant success for our clients across a broad spectrum of workplace lawsuits. In addition to representing employees in unpaid wage lawsuits and overtime lawsuits, we represent employees in various other claims against their employers who are flagrantly violating employees’ rights.

We bring a wide breadth of experience and unrivaled expertise to every matter that we handle, and we have successfully represented employees from companies large and small in various disputes. We have successfully represented employees in disputes ranging from issues with employers failing to allow service employees to retain all of their tips, misclassifying employees as independent contractors, failing to pay overtime, discrimination, retaliation cases, and numerous other claims on behalf of employees.

Meet Our Attorneys



Pamela Herrmann is a passionate ally for working-class employees, routinely representing employees in various labor lawsuits throughout the state of Texas and across the United States. Her experience includes lawsuits involving claims for unpaid overtime, unpaid minimum wage, unpaid wages, salary-exempt status, tipped employee issues, unpaid commissions, unpaid gratuities, unpaid tips, illegal tip pools, off-the-clock claims, unpaid wage issues, and various other disputes involving employee's pay. Ms. Herrmann is passionate about handling pregnancy discrimination claims for employees against employers who discriminate against women after they become pregnant.

Drew N. Herrmann

Drew N. Herrmann

Drew Herrmann is a tenacious lawyer who has long-been a champion for employee rights, working diligently throughout his career to combat injustices in the workplace. Born and raised in Dodge City, Kansas, Mr. Herrmann learned the value of an honest day’s work by serving in multiple laborious roles on his family’s farm throughout his childhood and teenage years. He has never shied away from difficult or challenging work, graduating magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in finance from Kansas State University and subsequently graduating magna cum laude from Texas A & M University School of Law.


We have represented numerous employees in everything from single plaintiff cases to representing employees in large class actions. We have been up against some of the largest companies in the world who were represented by large, international law firms. Time and time again, our experience and narrow focus in representing employees gives us the upper hand.


We are more than just a law firm for employees – we are an employees’ fiercest advocate, equipping employees with the legal representation needed to achieve the best result possible.

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