What We Do

We are an employee-focused law firm dedicated to representing workers across the United States in all types of workplace disputes. We have been up against some of the largest employers and law firms in the country. We believe that our experience and the success we have achieved is a reflection of our work-ethic and the legal strategies that we have developed as a result of our narrow focus – representing employees.

We bring a wide breadth of experience and unrivaled expertise to every matter that we handle, and we have successfully represented employees from companies large and small in various disputes. We have successfully represented employees in disputes ranging from issues with employers failing to allow service employees to retain all of their tips, misclassifying employees as independent contractors, failing to pay overtime, discrimination, retaliation cases, and numerous other claims on behalf of employees.

Protect Your Rights

If you believe your employer has violated the law or if you have questions about your rights, you should take action and contact us today. Please call or text us at: 817-479-9229 or provide your information below and we will contact you within 1 business day


Here are a few of the employee situations we have handled on behalf of our clients:

Tips, Gratuities, and Service Charges

Illegal Tip Pools
Failure to Remit All Tips Earned
Failure to Pay All Service Charges
Cash Shortages
Credit Card Processing Fees
Paying for Uniforms
Paying for Meals
Other Deductions
Excessive Side Work
Failure to Give Notice
Failure to Pay Minimum Wage or an Hourly Wage
Failure to Pay Correct Overtime Rate

Overtime & Other Wage Theft Violations

Salaried Not-Exempt
Failure to Pay Correct Overtime Rate
Do you Earn Bonuses?
Failure to pay Minimum Wage
Failure to Pay Overtime
Misclassification of Exempt Status
Breach of Contract
Illegal Deductions

Independent Contractor Misclassification

Delivery Drivers
Cable Installers
Cleaning Companies
Cable Installers
Exotic Dancers
Other Industries

Employment Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Retaliation

Sexual Harassment
Discrimination under Title VII
Gender Discrimination
Disability Discrimination
Pregnancy Discrimination
Equal Pay
Sabine Pilot Act
Non-Compete Agreements
Employment Contract and Severance Reviews

We are more than just a law firm for employees – we are an employees’ fiercest advocate, equipping employees with the legal representation needed to achieve the best result possible.

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