Pamela G. Herrmann



Texas A&M University School of Law, J.D.
Texas Christian University, B.S.

“How many times do you read about ‘the Cinderella story,’ the story of the underdog, the story of the ordinary human being, often subjected to cruelty and ignorance and neglect, who somehow triumphs?” – Kenneth Branagh

Pamela Herrmann is a passionate ally for working-class employees, routinely representing employees in various labor lawsuits throughout the state of Texas and across the United States. Her experience includes lawsuits involving claims for unpaid overtime, unpaid minimum wage, unpaid wages, salary-exempt status, tipped employee issues, unpaid commissions, unpaid gratuities, unpaid tips, illegal tip pools, off-the-clock claims, unpaid wage issues, and various other disputes involving employee’s pay. Ms. Herrmann is passionate about handling pregnancy discrimination claims for employees against employers who discriminate against women after they become pregnant.

Spanish is Ms. Herrmann’s first language, and she works with many of the firm’s Spanish-speaking clients. Originally from El Paso, Herrmann earned her Juris Doctor from Texas A & M School of Law and bachelor’s degree from Texas Christian University.

Ms. Herrmann’s broad expertise covers every facet of employment law. Ms. Herrmann has earned a reputation as a zealous advocate. She is passionate about holding employers accountable for any misdoings and ensuring that hard-working employees are justly compensated for their work.  She is highly respected by her clients and peers alike and is often recognized for her extensive knowledge of the law and legal strategy, and her ability to consistently garner favorable results on behalf of her clients.

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