Should I be Worried About Retaliation From My Employer? 

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Employers often threaten employees with counterclaims in response to an employee’s lawsuit. However, most employment laws have anti-retaliation provisions which protect an employee from such a threat.

Too, in cases to recover unpaid wages or overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”), counterclaims are not allowed. Simply put, if an employee sues an employer for unpaid wages or overtime, the employer cannot file a counterclaim in the same lawsuit.

Also, often the law prohibits an employer from engaging in other retaliatory actions against an employee who has filed a lawsuit or threatened legal actions.

Employee’s can find comfort in the anti-retaliation provisions of the employment laws. We will not allow an employer to make baseless threats or engage in bullying tactics to scare employees into not pursuing their legal rights.

However, before filing suit or threatening legal action against your employer, you should consult with an employment lawyer to discuss whether you are protected from retaliation from an employer. Give us a call, 817-479-9229, we would be happy to setup a consultation to discuss your concerns. Or visit our website. (

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