Wage Theft: Workers Recover $1 Billion a Year of Stolen Wages

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Wage Theft is Big Business for Employers

As reported here by Forbes, the Economic Policy Institute reported the result of a study showing that, from 2017 to 2020, workers were able to recover $3 billion in wages they had lost during those years. That is $1 billion a year in wages lost to wage theft by employers. As the sheer numbers indicate, wage theft by employers is huge. And, since many employers “get away” with wage theft, this means that employers are stealing employee wages at a far greater rate than $1 billion a year. If you think your employer has underpaid you for work done, you should consult with experienced Employee Rights wage and hour attorneys like the ones at Herrmann Law.

Depending on the State where you work and live, you have many options. Claims can be made with the relevant State Labor Department or a complaint can be filed with the federal Department of Labor. As reported here, the federal Department of Labor announced plans to add 100 investigators to support its Wage and Hour Division. Investigators investigate employers and complaints filed to make sure employees are receiving their full wages and prevent worker retaliation. You may be able to sue your employer directly (and possibly the individuals that own the company for whom you work).

Wage theft by employers occurs whenever workers are not paid the wages to which they are entitled. As reported in the Forbes article, wage theft comes in many forms and through many mechanisms including:

Wage theft is taken seriously and employers (and their owners) can be severely punished. As just one example, a federal court has ordered that a Massachusetts restaurant – doing business as Sweet Lemons Thai Restaurant — AND its owner pay about $345,000 in back wages and damages to thirteen workers denied overtime and earned tips. See DOL press release here.

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