Wage Lawyer – Ensuring You are Paid a Fair Day’s Wage for a Fair Day’s Work.

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I often say that employees in Texas have very few advocates to protect their rights in the workplace. Most laws are designed to protect the employers from being sued, therefore, most lawyers gravitate to representing the employers with deep pockets. I grew up in a family that worked hand-over-fist to earn a living and so naturally, I chose to practice employment law – representing employees. Specifically, I take employers to task who are violating the wage laws. There is a very powerful federal wage law that was enacted to ensures employee are paid a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. After all, the only real tangible thing you receive from the work you perform is a paycheck. Ensuring that you are paid what the law requires – and more importantly what you earned – is what I enjoy doing.

If you have questions about your wages including overtime questions, deductions, issues with tips or gratuities, compensable hours, or any other wage related questions, call the wage lawyer, Drew Herrmann, 817-479-9229 or visit our website: www.paycheckcollector.com

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