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When you need a lawyer’s services to aid you in filing an employment law dispute with your employer, you want to hire someone you can absolutely trust. You want to be certain that you have an attorney working on your case who is capable, experienced, focused on the details, and who knows all the complex ins and outs of employment law and labor law. That’s when you should call Herrmann Law!

Founded by Texas employment lawyer Drew Herrmann, Herrmann Law is a local Fort Worth law firm, representing employees in wage and employment law cases, including litigation for unpaid overtime, minimum-wage violations, salary-exempt status, unpaid tips, commissions, gratuities, and various other types of employment-related disputes. Unlike our big-name competitors—where you may never meet the founder or principal of the firm—Drew Herrmann works directly with each of his clients and is personally involved with every employment and wage law case at Herrmann Law.

Overtime Law Disputes in Fort Worth

The Fair Labor Standards Act (occasionally shortened to FLSA) is a section of the federal law code protects your right as an employee to earn a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. The rule of thumb is generally that any employee who works more than forty hours in one week must receive “overtime” or premium pay.

However, employers in the Fort Worth area sometimes intentionally and purposely ignore this rule of thumb, and continue to keep their employees working long past that forty-hour mark, refusing to provide compensation to those employees at a premium rate. Workers paid a salary or day rate are commonly illegally not paid overtime compensation, as are other workers that are paid commission but no overtime.

Some of the types of overtime law that Herrmann Law handles in the Fort Worth area include:

Many employers and employees wrongly believe that because an employee receives a salary, or is paid on a “daily rate” system, that the forty-hour mark no longer applies to their work. This leads to the incorrect assumption that overtime is not owed to someone on a salaried pay-schedule, or a day-rate payment system. Employers in Fort Worth and other areas often incorrectly call this status, and the employees they hire under these terms, as “salary exempt.”

The problem with the use of the phrase “salary exempt” in Fort Worth is that this phrase is used as a catch-all for employees paid by day-rates or salaries. Often, these employees are not actually “salary exempt” and are therefore being stiffed by their employers for work they have done. They do not receive the overtime wages that they are rightfully owed.

The “salary exempt” qualifications are very complicated and technical in nature, and often rather tricky for a layperson to understand completely. Herrmann Law in Fort Worth regularly works with this type of law and litigation, and wants to make the process easier for you, the employee. We want to see you paid for the hard work you do. Give us a call today to see if you might be missing out on overtime pay, and learn how to claim the back wages owed to you!

Employment Law Issues in Fort Worth

If you feel you are owed back wages or are not being paid for overtime you have completed, there is no reason why you cannot give us a call at Herrmann Law. We can help you find out the truth!

Often an employee will continue to work in situations where they are not receiving fair compensation for their labor, because they feel their employer will retaliate against them for seeking a lawyer’s help in litigating their overtime, wage, or employment dispute. What many employees in our local Fort Worth area do not know is that they are protected from that possibility by another set of laws, called the anti-retaliation protections.

These laws guarantee that an employee can rightfully seek a lawyer’s aid and assistance in determining the extent of their wage, overtime, or other employment-related suit, and their employer cannot legally terminate their contract or employer-employee work relationship for that fact alone.

Other reasons an employee may seek a lawyer include matters dealing with:

There are so many employees who do not seek out the knowledge and counsel a well-informed, experienced employment lawyer. A law firm like Herrmann Law can provide the expertise you need in employment law and labor law cases like these.

Call Herrmann Law in Fort Worth today at 817-479-9229 to schedule a consultation about your case!

Unpaid Wage Law Issues in Fort Worth

There are many types of wages: tips, gratuities, commissions, deductions, and other odds-and-ends. In the world of Fort Worth employment, understanding the difference can make or break an employee. Employers and employees do not always see eye-to-eye on what type of compensation is fair for a certain type of work. Many employees are owed wages or other compensations, and they don’t even know it! So often employers misunderstand the rules and withhold rightful payment from the employee.

Herrmann Law in Fort Worth provides litigation aid and assistance for the following types of Unpaid Wage Law Disputes:

Contact Herrmann Law in Fort Worth now to find out if you are owed unpaid wages or gratuities!

What do you do if you think your employer is doing you wrong?

If you think your Fort Worth employer is not paying you owed overtime or other wages, or that you might be facing discrimination or other unlawful actions by your employer, contact Herrmann Law in Fort Worth for a consultation now!

Drew Herrmann takes a hands-on approach and regularly injects his strong work ethic into every case that Herrmann Law handles. Drew Herrmann’s blue-collar background and workingman’s outlook has been a recipe for success for his clients, helping numerous employees from the Fort Worth area receive the compensation they are rightfully and lawfully due.

Herrmann Law is your go-to law firm in Fort Worth for all your wage and employment dispute needs!

Here at Herrmann Law, if we take your case, we do so on a contingency basis. You do not owe us a fee unless you collect what you are owed! We want to see you get paid for your hard work!

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