Drew N. Herrmann

“I approach every case with an underdog mentality, which drives me to do whatever it takes to get the best outcome possible for my clients. I take pride in being a vigorous advocate for my clients.”

Drew N. Herrmann

Drew N. Herrmann, Attorney

Drew Herrmann learned the value of an honest day’s work, growing up and working on his family’s farm in Kansas. Growing up in a blue-collar working-class family, values of work ethic, and proper compensation fueled Drew’s passion and desire to help those who are voiceless. Since the age of 4 years old, Drew worked on the family-farm, growing the foundation for the person he knew he wanted to become; a voice for working-class people.

Tragically, at the ripe age of 12, Drew’s life changed forever when his father tragically passed away in a plane crash. Here is where most would find excuses to live an unfulfilled life. However, Drew continued working on the family-farm as a teenager before attending Kansas State University. His commitment to excellence was exemplified by graduating magna cum laude, with a B.S. in finance, then acceptance into Texas A&M University School of Law, where he once again graduated magna cum laude.

Now as a lawyer, giving strength and a real voice to the underdog, those in need, is built into the fabric of Drew Herrmann’s DNA, his life experience. The ability to choose a path and commit to it fully is what enables Drew to represent the underdog and achieve success for his clients, even in the most difficult cases. The growing firm holds employers accountable and seeks full retribution for their transgressions.

Mr. Herrmann regularly represents employees in state and federal courts across Texas in cases ranging from unpaid wage lawsuits, overtime lawsuits, lawsuits concerning salary-exempt status, lawsuits concerning the payment of tips, tip pools and gratuities, discrimination lawsuits, sexual harassment lawsuits, wrongful termination lawsuits, retaliation lawsuits, breach of contract lawsuits, and other workplace lawsuits.

*Not Board Certified

Experience and Highlights

  • Routinely represents employees in wage & hour lawsuits in state and federal courts for claims involving unpaid overtime, minimum wage violations, salary-exempt status, tipped employee issues, unpaid commissions, unpaid gratuities, off-the-clock claims, unpaid wage issues, and various other disputes involving employee's pay.
  • Routinely represents employees in employment disputes, including discrimination cases, sexual harassment cases,retaliation cases, breach of contract, and other employment disputes.
  • Provides advice to a very select group of multi-million dollar corporations on general legal matters, including Fair Labor Standards Act Compliance.