Tesla, Inc.

Case Information

Lawsuit Filed Against Tesla over Recent Layoffs

Former employees at Tesla have initiated a class action lawsuit in connection with the recent layoffs announced by the company.

The lawsuit filed in Texas, where Tesla is based, includes a claim for violations of the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (“WARN Act”), which requires companies to give employees affected by mass layoffs at least 60 days’ notice prior to a mass layoff.

Instead, of complying with the WARN Act, the lawsuit states, “Tesla has simply notified the employees that their terminations would be effective immediately. Tesla has also failed to provide a statement of the basis for reducing the notification period to zero days advance notice.”

“Tesla’s failure to provide its employees with any advance written notice has had a devastating economic impact on plaintiffs and the class members.”

The lawsuit seeks recovery of all damages available under the WARN Act including pay and benefits for the 60-day period, legal fees, and “any other and further relief to which plaintiffs and the class members may be justly entitled.”

Status Updates

June 19, 2022 – Class Action Complaint filed

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