Perry’s Steakhouse

Case Information

On June 12, 2020, we filed a lawsuit against Perry’s Steakhouse on behalf of a group of current and former waiters and waitresses. The lawsuit alleges that Perry’s illegally (1) retained a portion of its server’s tips from the tip pool; (2) required servers to pay for uniforms (e.g. aprons, pepper mills, crumbers, etc.); and (3) paid servers $2.13 per hour to perform non-tipped duties. In addition, the lawsuit seeks to include all of Perry’s servers who sign a consent to join the lawsuit.

The lawsuit alleges as a result of Perry’s illegal conduct, Perry’s is prevented from paying its servers the sub-minimum “server wage.” If we succeed in proving these violations, Perry’s must pay each server who joins the lawsuit an additional $5.12 per hour for each hour worked in the past three years, plus all misappropriated tips, plus “double damages.” Finally, if successful on these claims, the lawsuit asks the Court to award an amount of attorney’s fees and costs for Herrmann Law’s representation of the servers in this matter.

Status Updates

June 12, 2020 – Lawsuit filed

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