What Workers Should Do about Sexual Harassment

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Victims of sexual harassment know how deeply troubling it can be and those feelings are only compounded when the harassment happens at work. For many victims of sexual harassment it also difficult to determine exactly what to do. There are various state and federal laws that allow victims to hold the responsible party and their employer accountable. The following will review some of the steps that a person should after an incident of harassment in the workplace to secure their legal rights.

Understanding What Constitutes Sexual Harassment

The first steps you should take is to contact an attorney who represents employees and who can help you deal with the unlawful harassment. Unlawful Sexual harassment includes numerous types of behavior like unwelcome advances, physical gestures, and requests for sexual favors. The person who performs the harassment need not be a supervisor or employer for the victim to be protected under federal and state law. A worker may pursue a claim for sexual harassment if an employer fosters an environment in which sexual harassment is permitted.

Document the Harassment

One of the first steps to pursuing a successful sexual harassment claim is to document each occurrence of harassment. If threats are involved, it is critical to make sure that these are noted, as well. In many cases, people who commit sexual harassment will do so when there are not any other witnesses around, which is why records of all sexual harassment can be helpful.

Report the Sexual Harassment

It is a wise idea to report in writing any type of activity that is offensive or unwanted to any associated human resources department. This writing can take the form of an email or more formal letter. An official record can be beneficial if the sexual harassment victim is terminated, lawfully or unlawfully, at any time prior to filing a claim.

Securely Retain all Evidence 

Retain any evidence you have of any and all incidence of sexual harassment and secure it in a safe place. Employers and colleagues should not be able to access this information. If the employer terminates you, you may lose access to valuable evidence.

Seek Medical Treatment if Necessary

If sexual harassment leads to a worker experiencing any type of physical injuries, he or she should promptly seek medical treatment. While it can be uncomfortable to contact a medical professional for help, it is often necessary.

Speak with an Experienced Employment Law Attorney 

One of the most common emotions experienced by sexual harassment victims is uncertainty about how to proceed. If you or a loved one is subject to sexual harassment in the workplace, you should immediately consider speaking with an experienced attorney. Contact Herrmann Law today to schedule an initial case evaluation by calling 817-479-9229 or completing our online form and someone from our office will contact you within one (1) business day.

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