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A leading marketer of fresh citrus and avocados in the United States, Sundance Natural Food Company, was recently required to pay back wages to its workers for unpaid overtime for overtime violations. This announcement came after the company was determined to have violated a federal law known as the Fair Labor Standards Act.

How the Overtime Violations Occurred

The company violated the overtime section of the Fair Labor Standards Act after failing to pay overtime to packing shed workers who spent time putting on required work equipment before their shifts as well as removing equipment after their shifts. Sundance also fail to pay overtime compensation to one employee who worked more than 40 hours a week. Some of the additional recordkeeping violations that Sundance has been accused of include failure to record all of the hours that employees worked and not keeping documentation of a minor employee’s date of birth.

The Result of the Overtime Violations

Sundance currently owes back wages to 45 workers for unpaid overtime. The company was further assessed civil penalties. It is critical for all workers to understand the important Wage and Hour regulations with which employers must comply.

Common Ways Employers Commit Overtime Violations

There are several different ways in which employers are known to commit overtime violations, but some of the most common violations include the following:

Speak With an Experienced Wage and Hour Attorney

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