Pamela G. Herrmann

“I have a passion developing the best litigation strategy possible. I go the extra-mile to investigate the specific facts and ensure the most current law is being used on each case.”

Pamela G. Herrmann

Pamela G. Herrmann, Attorney

Ms. Herrmann’s passion and refusal to take no for an answer is a tremendous asset to our clients at Herrmann Law. Ms. Herrmann is not afraid to go the extra-mile to obtain the best results for her clients. Ms. Herrmann is originally from El Paso, Texas and Spanish is her first language. She understands what it’s like to be the little guy and knows what it takes to gain the upper-hand and achieve the best results possible for her client.

Pamela is a labor and employment lawyer licensed to practice in Texas. Pamela regularly represents employees across Texas in cases ranging from unpaid wage lawsuits, overtime lawsuits, lawsuits concerning salary-exempt status, lawsuits concerning the payment of tips and gratuities, illegal tip pools, discrimination lawsuits, sexual harassment lawsuits, wrongful termination lawsuits, retaliation lawsuits, breach of contract lawsuits, and other lawsuits concerning employment law disputes.

If you have questions about an employment law issue or want to consult with Ms. Herrmann, she can be reached by calling 817-479- 9229 or submit your case online.

Experience and Highlights

  • Routinely represents employees in wage & hour lawsuits in Texas involving claims for unpaid overtime, unpaid minimum wage, unpaid wages, salary-exempt status, tipped employee issues, unpaid commissions, unpaid gratuities, unpaid tips, illegal tip pools, off-the-clock claims, unpaid wage issues, and various other disputes involving employee's pay.
  • Advises a multi-million dollar corporation on labor and employment law issues, including Fair Labor Standards Act Compliant and overtime issues - This is Ms. Herrmann's sole employer-side client.