Macy Witt


Macy Witt is our newest paralegal to join the team at the Herrmann Law Firm.  Ms. Witt brings with her many years of legal experience, and exceptional skills.  She is a dedicated, and a diligent hard-working valuable member of our team.  Ms. Witt is highly knowledgeable and has specialized in employment law since 2018.  She is compassionate, attentive, efficient, detail oriented, and strives to obtain only the very best results for our clients.

As a young girl born and raised in Springtown, Texas, Ms. Witt grew up in a home surrounded by legal professionals.  As an adult, she realized that this too was her passion and began pursuing her legal career in 2016.  Ms. Witt worked for several organizations and provided legal support and assistance to business partners, lawyers, vendors and clients associated with multiple businesses in North Texas and an employment law firm in Dallas.

Ms. Witt currently attends school in the evenings to become certified in her field, where she is ranked #1 in her class.  While Ms. Witt has worked in both Dallas and Parker Counties, she essentially ‘grew up’ in Tarrant County.  While Macy was not born in Tarrant County, she certainly got there as fast as she could, and she now proudly calls Tarrant County her home!

In addition to serving both clients and counsel at the Herrmann Law Firm, Ms. Witt enjoys being a loving mother to her beautiful son and daughter, attending  their soccer, football, basketball and baseball games on the weekends, taking them to the park, and expanding her culinary skills in the kitchen for all to enjoy.

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