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Too Much Side-Work? A Win for Servers. In a ruling that could have sweeping consequences for waiters and waitresses working the restaurant industry, a federal appeals court ruled in favor of waiters and waitresses, holding that a restaurant cannot pay the subminimum wage for certain non-tipped work. In ... Read More
October 3, 2018Herrmann Law
Tip Laws


Tips for Employers Servers There is a common misconception among servers in the restaurant industry that if a server’s hourly wage plus tips exceeds the minimum wage then your employer can do whatever it wants with your tips. However, this is not the law: even if your wages and ... Read More
September 4, 2018DREW N. HERRMANN
Restaurant Workers


Representatives in Washington D.C. recently introduced an amendment to 2019 legislation which would block the city’s District of Columbia Minimum Wage Amendment Act of 2017 (also known as Initiative 77) from becoming effective. As a result, another barrier has been created in raising ... Read More
August 2, 2018Herrmann Law
Tip Theft


What’s in a name? The proverbial lawyer answer, of course, is: everything! But really, phrasing has a huge impact on how society perceives things. Take the term “ride-sharing,” for instance. We refer to Uber as ride-sharing, but originally Uber was called Ubercab. However, after receiving a cease-and-desist for operating an ... Read More
July 30, 2018DREW N. HERRMANN
Stealing Tips From Employees


Whether you are a lawyer or work in the service industry, you probably know that there has been some instability with respect to what constitutes stealing tips from employees. However, you may or may not realize that the federal tipping law (i.e. the Fair Labor Standards Act) was recently ... Read More
April 27, 2018DREW N. HERRMANN
Illegal Tip Pool


**Warning:  If you are paid a direct wage of less than $7.25 per hour (i.e. as little as $2.13/hour) the new regulation discussed in this article does NOT apply to you – your employer cannot take your tips, deduct from your tips, require you to share tips in ... Read More
January 4, 2018DREW N. HERRMANN
Tip Laws


You may have heard that Trump’s Secretary of Labor has proposed a new regulation concerning the tip pool laws. Lots of commentary has been written concerning the new proposed regulation. With that comes the fake news; I have read several misleading headlines regarding the interpretation of the new regulation. Specifically, ... Read More
December 14, 2017DREW N. HERRMANN
Restaurant Tipping


Who gets my Tip? Tips on Restaurant Tipping Have you ever wondered if your waiter or waitress actually gets to keep the tip you gave? Rightfully so, many patrons assume that your waiter or waitress gets to keep the full amount of the tip; after all, federal law says that ... Read More
November 29, 2017DREW N. HERRMANN


Tip Pooling and Tip Sharing Today, creativity among employers is at an all-time high when it comes to circumventing the minimum wage laws – especially when it comes to tipped employees. It is no surprise that employers continuously attempt to use state and federal minimum wage laws to their advantage ... Read More
July 25, 2017DREW N. HERRMANN
Laws for Paying Servers


A fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work is the mantra of working class America. However, what happens when you don’t receive fair pay or your employer is stealing tips from you? Luckily, federal law provides very strong protections that safeguard the right of the working class ... Read More
May 31, 2017DREW N. HERRMANN