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Unless you are a minor league baseball player or a family member, you have likely never even heard of “Save America’s Pastime Act,” a bill introduced in 2016 that seems to do anything BUT save our nation’s pastime. The act, which was introduced ... Read More
April 13, 2018DREW N. HERRMANN
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Unpaid Overtime and Minimum Wage claims are the subject of many, many lawsuits across Texas and across the Country. As a general rule, employees who work over forty (40) hours in a week are entitled to overtime pay. A single work ... Read More
June 10, 2017DREW N. HERRMANN
Unpaid Wages Attorney Fort Worth Texas


This article is based on federal laws. The law in your state may be different from what is written in this article, which may change the outcome of the scenarios discussed. Waiter Pay You’ve probably heard the term “waiter pay” or “tip credit” but probably do not understand all the ... Read More
February 19, 2017DREW N. HERRMANN