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Overtime Pay


It is a common misconception that salaried employees cannot receive overtime pay. In fact, many people wrongfully believe that they are put on salary so that their employers can ask them to work overtime without paying them more for it. Neither of these statements is true. ... Read More
March 30, 2018DREW N. HERRMANN
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By now, many people have heard that the new overtime rule has been halted. The new overtime rule was set to increase the yearly salary threshold from $23,660 to $47,476. In other words, if your salary was less than $47,476, you would have been entitled to overtime pay. ... Read More
December 6, 2016DREW N. HERRMANN


As a general rule, all employees are required to receive overtime pay at a rate of one and one-half their regular rate of pay for hours worked over 40 in a week. I get a lot of inquires from ... Read More
September 28, 2016DREW N. HERRMANN
Wage Deductions


We get a lot of calls from prospective clients regarding wage deductions from paychecks. The question is simple enough: Can an employer make wage deductions from my paycheck? However, the answer – as in most things legal – isn’t ... Read More
September 28, 2016DREW N. HERRMANN