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Too Much Side-Work? A Win for Servers. In a ruling that could have sweeping consequences for waiters and waitresses working the restaurant industry, a federal appeals court ruled in favor of waiters and waitresses, holding that a restaurant cannot pay the subminimum wage for certain non-tipped work. In ... Read More
October 3, 2018Herrmann Law
Raise the wage


Recently, the Walt Disney Company announced that thousands of Walt Disney World workers will receive raises as the result of a new contract settlement that the company has reached with the unions. As a result of these negotiations, ... Read More
September 6, 2018Herrmann Law
Minimum Wage


The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled to overturn a 2017 lower court decision that dismissed a lawsuit alleging Alabama had violated equal protection laws by passing a state law that blocks the increase of minimum wage to $10.10 for workers. Initiated ... Read More
August 8, 2018Herrmann Law
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Representatives in Washington D.C. recently introduced an amendment to 2019 legislation which would block the city’s District of Columbia Minimum Wage Amendment Act of 2017 (also known as Initiative 77) from becoming effective. As a result, another barrier has been created in raising ... Read More
August 2, 2018Herrmann Law
Massachusetts Minimum Wage


In June 2018, Massachusetts’ Governor Baker signed into law an act that will increase Massachusetts minimum wage over the next five years. The act, H4640, has been referred to by some as the “Grand Bargain” because the law ... Read More
July 9, 2018Herrmann Law
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Minimum Wage, Labor Law In a previous post, we discussed the potential need for an increase in the federal minimum wage. The issue is far from resolved, but there is one aspect that we did not really touch on in the previous blog. That topic revolves around whether an increase in ... Read More
August 23, 2017DREW N. HERRMANN


Minimum Wage The federal minimum was raised most recently on July 24, 2009. At eight years ago, that seems to be a little too far gone to be of much help to the average American citizen in this economy of ever-increasing expenses. While Congress is currently more focused on health care and ... Read More
August 17, 2017DREW N. HERRMANN