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Overtime Exemptions


Overtime Exemption: Motor Carrier Act Under federal law, all employees are entitled to overtime pay unless exempt. We have previously covered some of the more commonly used overtime exemptions (article: Administrative Overtime Exemption; various overtime exemptions). In this article we are going to cover the commonly misapplied overtime exemption known ... Read More
January 23, 2018DREW N. HERRMANN
Overtime Lawyers Texas


One of the most commonly misapplied exemptions from overtime is the Administrative Exemption. In my experience, lots of employers wrongly assume that their employees are exempt from overtime just because they pay them a salary or other non-hourly rate of pay. Overtime is more than just about being paid a ... Read More
November 15, 2017DREW N. HERRMANN
Overtime Work


Overused Overtime Exemptions Employers often attempt to illegally cloak their employees with overtime exemptions to avoid paying overtime in accordance with federal law. The most common overtime exemptions used by employers are the Executive Exemption and Administrative Exemption. This article will give a broad overview of the Executive Exemption and ... Read More
October 31, 2017DREW N. HERRMANN
Overtime Pay Nursing Facilities


Overtime Pay for Employees Working in Retirement Communities Too frequently we see Texas employers failing to pay caregivers, med techs, and other employees working in retirement communities overtime and the wages they are owed as mandated by federal wage laws (i.e. the Fair Labor Standards Act). The work of a caregiver ... Read More
October 19, 2017DREW N. HERRMANN
Overtime Law for Commission


This post is a part two to a previous post we did for employees in sales known as the overtime exemption for outside sales employees. In this blog, I am going to look at another common overtime exemption for employees working in sales called the Commissioned Sales Employee ... Read More
September 8, 2017DREW N. HERRMANN
Overtime Law Exemptions


The Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) overtime law requires employees to receive overtime pay for hours over forty (40) in week, unless the employee is “exempt” from overtime. Generally, an employee is entitled to receive overtime (even if paid a salary or commission basis), and if the ... Read More
September 5, 2017DREW N. HERRMANN
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Minimum Wage, Labor Law In a previous post, we discussed the potential need for an increase in the federal minimum wage. The issue is far from resolved, but there is one aspect that we did not really touch on in the previous blog. That topic revolves around whether an increase in ... Read More
August 23, 2017DREW N. HERRMANN


Minimum Wage The federal minimum was raised most recently on July 24, 2009. At eight years ago, that seems to be a little too far gone to be of much help to the average American citizen in this economy of ever-increasing expenses. While Congress is currently more focused on health care and ... Read More
August 17, 2017DREW N. HERRMANN
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Unpaid Overtime and Minimum Wage claims are the subject of many, many lawsuits across Texas and across the Country. As a general rule, employees who work over forty (40) hours in a week are entitled to overtime pay. A single work ... Read More
June 10, 2017DREW N. HERRMANN
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This article was originally published here. ( Have you ever worked at an establishment where the employer mandated that you “tip-out” a portion of your earnings to other employees? This arrangement is called a tip pool. The law governing the “pooling of tips” can be unclear and ... Read More
January 31, 2017DREW N. HERRMANN