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New Tip Laws


Currently, most staff who work in places where tips are provided, pool their tips and distribute the tip pool to other employees. Also, part of these tips include credit card tips left by customers for the benefit of the waitstaff. In accordance with what is called a ... Read More
June 20, 2018Herrmann Law
Unpaid Wage Lawyers


In accordance with Maryland law, employers who fail to pay workers on time are now at risk of being required to pay three times the amount of wages owed as well as costs and fees for legal counsel. Employees are able to initiate lawsuits concerning late or unpaid ... Read More
June 12, 2018Herrmann Law
Class Actions


Violations of wage and hour regulations have become particularly common in a variety of industries. This creates substantial obstacles for workers because there are often few available remedies. Some of the available options including filing a complaint with the appropriate state’s Attorney General or a government agency like ... Read More
June 7, 2018Herrmann Law
Stealing Tips From Employees


Whether you are a lawyer or work in the service industry, you probably know that there has been some instability with respect to what constitutes stealing tips from employees. However, you may or may not realize that the federal tipping law (i.e. the Fair Labor Standards Act) was recently ... Read More
April 27, 2018DREW N. HERRMANN
Overtime Classification


In accordance with the FLSA, employers are required to pay full-time employees overtime for any hours worked over the 40-hour a week threshold. To avoid this, many employers intentionally misclassify workers as independent contractors. Under the same laws that protect employees, independent contractors are deemed exempt from ... Read More
April 20, 2018Herrmann Law


Unless you are a minor league baseball player or a family member, you have likely never even heard of “Save America’s Pastime Act,” a bill introduced in 2016 that seems to do anything BUT save our nation’s pastime. The act, which was introduced ... Read More
April 13, 2018DREW N. HERRMANN
Overtime Pay


It is a common misconception that salaried employees cannot receive overtime pay. In fact, many people wrongfully believe that they are put on salary so that their employers can ask them to work overtime without paying them more for it. Neither of these statements is true. ... Read More
March 30, 2018DREW N. HERRMANN
Obama Overtime Rule


On December 1, 2016, millions of American workers were slated to receive overtime pay, thanks to the Obama Administration's finalized overtime rule under the Department of Labor. The rule says anyone who makes less than $47,476 per year must receive time-and-a-half pay for ... Read More
March 29, 2018DREW N. HERRMANN
Overtime Lawsuit_Panera Bread


According to the Washington Business Journal, employees of Panera Bread have filed a class-action lawsuit alleging that they were not paid for hours of overtime worked as Assistant Managers for the restaurant chain. Specifically, the employees are claiming ... Read More
March 1, 2018DREW N. HERRMANN
Overtime Exemptions


Overtime Exemption: Motor Carrier Act Under federal law, all employees are entitled to overtime pay unless exempt. We have previously covered some of the more commonly used overtime exemptions (article: Administrative Overtime Exemption; various overtime exemptions). In this article we are going to cover the commonly misapplied overtime exemption known ... Read More
January 23, 2018DREW N. HERRMANN